About the blog

Hi, I’m Eva. Do you experience relationship trouble? Are you an exhausted woman, who  is working hard both in your relationship, your home and in business? Or are you a man, who is tired of your woman’s contant nagging? Do feel your lovelife has become empty? 

Then this is the place to get some new inspiration! Because my mission is to inspire people to get into, create and STAY in good relationships. I believe a good, juicy and healthy relationship can be created, if you only work on yourself, and heal yourself, men as well as women.
I made many mistakes until I finally got what is working for me - and since I have realised that this is what most men and woman secretly craves: a space of more love, where a woman is cherished for being a woman, and a man is loved for being masculine.
I love to see that more and more people come to the realisation that the current structure of western life, where men become mr Nice Guy and women become mrs Selfsufficient, not only is outdated in its current form, its also endangering the physical health of both men and women.